Haeundae Beach

해운대 바닷가
I actually visited Haeundae Beach twice. It was cloudy the first time I went, but a few days later when I went back, it was pretty sunny out. Another one of my favourite beaches in Korea (even though I was there in December!). I would definitely love to see this place during the summer time. I can only imagine how beautiful it will be. It’s super easy to get to this beach, since it’s within walking distance from the subway. Busan Aquarium is also located at this beach, but I think it was a bit pricier, and since we had already visited an aquarium in Seoul (and also since it was getting late and we had to catch the bus back to Daegu), we decided to skip out on the aquarium.

One Comment to “Haeundae Beach”

  1. Hi. It was really great to see your photos.
    Thx for take beautiful pic of Haeundae beach , Busan
    It was really nice photos and post.
    Have a nice day 🙂

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