AA-Chan’s YG Message Project

The following toys were created as part of AA-Chan’s YG Message Project
The toys include crocheted versions of Gaho, Boss, and Charlie, as well as a knitted version of Ddochi~! Each were individually handmade by myself, and each toy represents a pet from BigBang and 2NE1 (Kpop artists).

Click the images below to view more photos of each~!

The project itself was organized by my friend Alex over in South Korea. The idea behind this project was to send messages of support to Korean artists under the label of YG Entertainment (such as BigBang and 2NE1). These messages would later be put together in the form of a DVD, which also includes various UCC that had been gathered from a previous contest that Alex had organized to show support for G-Dragon (of BigBang), and his first solo album. Together, with all of these supportive messages from all over the world, as well as my toys (bonus presents), Alex will be delivering this project to YG Entertainment, and they will hopefully pass it along to the various artists.

You can find more information about the project here

For more information about the toys that I made, you can check out the video below (:

UPDATE: April 22, 2010
Alex received the toys! yay they made their way safely to Korea! Check out the vid down below, and visit his blog for more info and extra photos!


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