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April 23, 2010

Hello, Owls

A while back one of my friends had asked me to make a custom owl for him. He works over at HootSuite, and wanted a small plush owl based on the HootSuite owl mascot, to sit on his desk at work. I obviously couldn’t say no, so here’s what I had come up with. I’ve been meaning to post more photos that I had taken before this owl moved to Vancouver, so here they are (:

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April 22, 2010

Hello, Korea

The toys I had made for AA-Chan’s YG Message Project have safely made it to Korea! It got there a lot sooner than I had expected, and after being so paranoid about writing Alex’s address down correctly, I’m happy to know that they reached him safely 😀

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February 26, 2010

Hello, YG Babies~

These were created for AA-Chan’s YG Message Project. I’m on the verge of finishing all of them! Well, they’re all pretty much finished except for Ddochi (the hedgehog). I need to give him a belly, little feet, and a tail, but I ran out of yarn! So I need to go out and buy some later on, maybe on Sunday? Alex is moving to Seoul soon, so once he’s settled in his new apartment, I’ll have these sent out to him! I’m super excited 😀

Since I’m pretty much finished making the ‘whole family’ I’ve unprivated most of the posts under “extra” so you can view extra photos there which Alex might not have already posted on his site. The only one that is left private is the post for Ddochi, since he is not completely finished yet~